30. June 2023

How fast do hummingbird wings beat and what enables their speed?

Hummingbird wings beat at around 50 times per second due to their unique muscle structure.
29. June 2023

What are the implications of gravity for the formation of life in the universe?

Implications of gravity for life formation in the universe: Essential for planet formation, maintaining atmospheres, and shaping ecosystems.
29. June 2023

What enables airplanes to fly without an engine in the case of gliders?

Gliders rely on gravity and air currents to stay aloft, enabling them to fly without an engine.
28. June 2023

What is the connection between Earth’s magnetic field and auroras?

The magnetic field of Earth is responsible for the creation of auroras.
26. June 2023

How are robots being used in space exploration?

Robots aid space exploration, but face challenges such as distance and communication lag.
22. June 2023

The Prospect of Atomic or Field-Based Nutrition: A Quantum Leap into Future?

22. June 2023

Does dreaming of food while sleeping boost metabolism?

Can dreaming of food during sleep actually increase metabolism?
20. June 2023

Did nuclear tests affect Earth’s movement?

Possible, but unlikely. Nuclear tests did not have significant impact on Earth's rotation or orbit.
20. June 2023

Skipping the Agri-step: Direct Nutrient Production for Food?

"Direct nutrient production for food: skipping the agri-step" - a promising approach to revolutionize food production.