About Me and My Journey

Hello, I am a profoundly curious individual. Growing up, I had a multitude of questions that often went unanswered. Perhaps due to their complexity or my insatiable curiosity, many were simply brushed off with a smile. This, unfortunately, led me to ask fewer questions over time. There were no avenues then like the one we have now with artificial intelligence.

How I wish such possibilities existed during my school days! But it's never too late, and I am catching up, using the opportunity to quench my thirst for knowledge that never faded. Over time, numerous questions have piled up, a reflection of my diverse interests. To give you a small taste: I am fascinated by nanotechnology, stem cell research, CERN, and everything related to health and disease.

In particular, I am deeply invested in understanding the links between various health conditions, hoping to unearth insights that could potentially improve our health. For example, I suffer from severe sensorimotor polyneuropathy. However, this does not deter me; instead, it fuels my passion for learning and finding answers.

I invite you to join me on this journey of discovery, diving into a world of questions and answers that has taken on a whole new dimension. Welcome to the realm of infinite curiosity, where learning never ends.